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Phinsider TV: Will the offseason ever end?

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The 2013 NFL season can't get here fast enough. Join tonight's Phinsider TV episode as we talk all things Miami Dolphins.

Phinsider TV returns tonight with a look at the future for the Miami Dolphins. We will talk the players, the coaches, the front office, and the stadium. Join us tonight, and each week, as we tackle all things Dolphins.

You can also find the show by heading over to our Phinsider Google+ page.

If you miss the show, you can watch the archived video here in this thread, or over on thePhinsider's YouTube Channel. Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube Channel to get all of the updated shows as I load them, as well as our news and analysis videos for all the offseason action surrounding theMiami Dolphins.

Now, get to asking your questions, and the show will go live at 10pm Eastern! Post your questions now, and the live streaming video for the show will be available right here when it starts. We'll answer as many questions as you post, and just have some fun.