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Marlins Park could host NCAA Bowl Game

The biggest obstacle in the Miami Dolphins' efforts to get public funding for a stadium renovation project, Miami's Marlins Park, may now be getting into the football act. According to CBS Miami, Marlins Park is in consideration to host an NCAA Bowl Game.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

According to a CBS Miami report (first reported by the Tampa Bay Times), Sun Life Stadium could have company during the NCAA Bowl season, with Marlins Park under consideration to host a bowl game. The American Athletic Conference, previously the Big East before the disintegration of that league, is looking to establish its own bowl game, with South Florida as one of the considered locales.

But, it's not to the football stadium they are looking. It's to the new baseball park.

During its time as the Big East, the conference has hosted bowl games in baseball stadium previously, including in Yankee Stadium and Tampa's Tropicana Field.

Of course, in a time when the Miami Dolphins are looking to land some amount of public funding to assist in renovating the 27 year old Sun Life Stadium despite the bitter taste in Miami-Dade County officials and citizens over the raw deal they got with the funding for Marlins Park, the baseball stadium getting a bowl game could just be rubbing salt in the wound.

The Tampa Bay Times says the Marlins a "interested in hosting a bowl game, and the stadium can be configured for football."

No decision has been made at this time, but South Florida, which lost out on hosting one of two Super Bowls awarded by the NFL this week, could still end up with an additional post season game. It just would not be from the NFL, nor would it be in the venue expected.

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