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Goodell: NFL Draft could move from New York

During his Owners Meeting media availability, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell discussed several topics. One of those, the future of the NFL Draft, included the league possibly looking for a new venue.

Chris Chambers

The NFL Draft in Radio City Music Hall has been a staple of the league's offseason schedule since 2006. However, thanks to a new scheduling conflict, the league could be looking for a new site to hold their annual selection meeting - and that place could be outside New York City.

Earlier today, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell held his media availability at the league's Owners Meeting, during which he discussed the awarding of Super Bowls L and LI, the possibility of an expanded number of games in the UK, and the Draft.

Yesterday, reports stated that the league was looking to rearrange the offseason schedule. Goodell confirmed that today, but not for the reasons expected. Rumors over the past few months have indicated that the league would like to move the Draft back to May in an effort to expand the league's relevance during the offseason; according to Goodell, it's actually because Radio City Music Hall has changed their April schedule.

The venue has added a new, annual, Easter event, which would extend beyond Easter and throughout most of April, right across the NFL's Draft dates.

According to Goodell, that will mean the Draft in 2014 will either take place May 8-10 or May 15-17. In subsequent years, the league could look to make the May dates permanent, allowing them to stay in Radio City Music Hall, or they could look for a new venue. And, that venue does not have to be in New York City.

Goodell stated the league has not found a new venue within New York that they would consider as an acceptable host for the Draft. He clearly stated that, if the league is looking to continue to grow the event, they would have to consider locations other than New York City.

Where could that be? He did not say. However, the fact that the league, which is based in New York, would even consider leaving the city is a surprise.

And, just think, it could mean a draft without New York Jets fans all over the place.

Sounds like a win to me.

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