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Dolphins Make a Splash at Fins Weekend Fishing Tournament

On Saturday, Miami Dolphins players, staff, alumni and friends took part in the annual Fishing Tournament during Fins Weekend. Who came out on top? Lets find out.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Every year the Miami Dolphins host the annual Fins Weekend, featuring current players alumni, coaches, executives and cheerleaders over the three day event between May 16-18.

Over the course of the three days, the participants enjoy a weekend of golf, fishing, and excellent food to raise money for the local community.

On Saturday, Dolphins players, alumni and guests set off from Miami Beach Marina for the annual Fishing Tournament.

Newly signed linebacker Lee Robinson came out with the biggest catch of the day, with a 47.9-pound kingfish for team Qualifier, reportedly spending up to 30 minutes to reel in the winning catch. Overall, Robinson had a great day, with a haul of three kingfish and nine sailfish released.

Dolphins Assistant Offensive Line coach Chris Mosley came away from the day catching the largest tuna, weighing a massive 34.6 pounds. Next in line was Miami's Hubert Ruiz, catching a 31.6-pound dolphin.

Meanwhile, Barbara Rodriguez finished as the leading female angler, catching a total of 32 pounds. Riley Ireland, the son of Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland, came out on top as the best junior at the event with a 28.7-pound tuna.

Over the past 17 years the foundation has raised over $11 million for the local community, with an additional $800,000 expected to have been raised this year.

"We had a lot of big fish at Hooters weigh-in at the dock and we raised a great deal of money for our foundation that will greatly impact the South Florida community," Fins Weekend Chairman Jeff Peck said.

Well done to all those involved!

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