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Dolphins sign Dion Sims, 4 of 9 rookies signed

The Miami Dolphins have signed the fourth of their nine draft picks. Tight end Dion Sims joined Jelani Jenkins, Caleb Sturgis, and Don Jones as rookies under contract.


Last night, NFL Agent Jacob Presser announced his client, tight end Dion Sims, had officially signed his contract with the Miami Dolphins. The move brings the Dolphins to a total of four of their nine selections, from last month's NFL Draft, being under contract.

Sims, a fourth-round pick from Michigan State, should receive a contract around $2.5 million for four years, based on the rookie wage scale. Sims was the 106th pick in the draft, being selected just two spots after fellow Dolphins player, linebacker Jelani Jenkins. Jenkins, one of the other three picks already signed by Miami, received a $2,632,688 contract, with $472,688 guaranteed.

The Dolphins signed kicker Caleb Sturgis (168th overall) to a $2,304,560 four year deal, with $576,140 guaranteed. They also have cornerback Don Jones (250th overall) on a four-year $2,205,896 contract. with $551,474 guaranteed.

Miami still has Dion Jordan, Jamar Taylor, Dallas Thomas, Will Davis, and Mike Gillislee still to sign.

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