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Wednesday Night Random Live Thread

Wednesday Night Random Live Thread

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

First and foremost, thank you for your patience starting last night and throughout today. SB Nation's technical support team has been working non-stop to get The Phinsider, and all of SB Nation, as well as The Verge and Polygon, back up and running at full speed. Things are not yet completely back, but they are getting better. I know it's been annoying, but you are all awesome waiting for the site to be back to its full levels.

Typically, Wednesday night is our Phinsider TV night, but I am going to postpone it until tomorrow night. I want to give the technical team a chance to get everything back up to normal, and let more of you have a chance to participate in the live thread, before we post the show.

So, the Phinsider TV episode for this week will be Thursday night at 10pm ET.

Tonight, we will post a random live thread in its place. It also gives me a chance to pick a song.

This is one of our nightly live threads. This means that you are welcome to discuss any subject that you wish but in keeping with the rules of the site we ask that you refrain from the discussion of politics and religion. Please remember that this thread takes place on the front page of the site, is not a CKC and as such try to keep things as near to PG as possible. Keep this in mind with the posting of pics as well and we ask that you keep them to a maximum of 5 per person and do not post Gifs. This keeps the thread load time from slowing down for those on slower connections.