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Personal sports memory

In honor of Mother's Day, we will ask you a childhood question. What's your moment of glory playing any sport as a kid?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

In honor of Mother's Day today, I thought we would bring out a question taking all of you back to your childhood. We all played pickup games of different sports as a child. Some of us played a sport through high school. But, what moment stands out for you?

I can give you two. The first is from a pick up style game. I was in eighth grade and my Dad was stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. There were three baseball fields immediately behind my house. My brother and I, and most of the kids from the neighborhood, would spend all day at those fields. If we weren't in school, we were probably at the baseball fields. During the summer, we were out on the field between seven and eight every morning, and we probably would spend the entire day there - maybe swinging back by the house to get lunch before heading back to the field.

But, we did not stop when it was col outside either. We were out there in November and December as well. We played one day with snow on the field. If you hit the ball in the outfield, it was probably going to be a homerun, simply because the fielders were not going to find the white ball buried in the snow.

Maybe those days weren't a "moment of glory" but they were amazing days.

My other memory is more of what the question asks. I was in my first start as a varsity goal keeper in high school soccer. The guy who held the position the previous year was an All-European selection (we were stationed in Germany), and I know everyone was expecting a big fall off from the senior the previous year to the sophomore this year. We are in the second half of the game, and it's still nil-nil, when our opponents are given a penalty kick. This is a sure goal for them, with an inexperienced keeper in the net.

As we got ready, I'm trying to make myself as large as I can. I read him as going left, so to my right. I dive just as he kicks the ball, with the ball heading straight for the lower corner. Just before it crossed the line, my hands are behind it and I parry it around the post, and out for a corner kick.

Of course, now everyone is pumped, and I know, I am set in as the starter. Now, let's play some soccer.

Your turn. What's your moment of glory?

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