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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 5/11/13

Check out the Miami Dolphins stories you may have missed over the past day, including could use offset language for Dion Jordan.

Joel Auerbach


Gillislee: I Got Faith In Everything That I Do
Dolphins rookie looks to former Fins running back Ricky Williams for inspiration.


Some fear Dolphins will insist on offset language for Dion Jordan | ProFootballTalk
So with the Lions giving defensive end Ziggy Ansah, the fifth overall pick in the draft, a fully-guaranteed contract with no offset language, the four picks taken in front of him will get the same term, right? For the first, second, and fourth picks, most likely.


Dolphins in fine cap shape (still) | Miami Dolphins In Depth
The Dolphins are doing just fine with their cap space, according to the NFL Players Association numbers below released at 8 a.m. today. The club has over $7.4 million in cap space and if you recall that after June 1...


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell: We want Dolphins to remain in Miami - Miami Dolphins -
Dolphins relocation rumors have ramped up since a stadium bill failed last week, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he wants the team to stay in Miami.


Thanks, and goodbye | The Daily Dolphin
The Dolphins have said goodbye lately to a lot of key players from the last few years: Jake Long, Karlos Dansby, Sean Smith, Vontae Davis, Brandon Marshall,


Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 5/10/13 - The Phinsider
A collection of Miami Dolphins stories from around the internet over the past 24 hours.Today's articles include Dion Sims is expected to push for playing time, there may be room for Daniel Thomas, and where does Reshad Jones rank in the AFC East?

The State of the Miami Dolphins: Week 1 - The Phinsider

With free agency and the draft well and truly over, all we as fans have to look forward to is the odd free agent signing and the preseason. So what YOU have to say about the Miami Dolphins, and the direction they're heading in?

2014 Big Board - The Phinsider

A 2014 Big Board in May 2013? If it's good enough for Mel Kiper, it's good enough for us.

Dolphins stadium issues: Goodell wants Dolphins in Miami - The Phinsider

The Miami Dolphins saw their public funding request die without ever hitting the floor of the State House of Representatives. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell weighed in on the topic yesterday.

Dolphins roster: Predicting the 53-man roster - The Phinsider

The Miami Dolphins have filled their 90-man preseason roster. But, can we predict the 53 man roster? We can at least try.