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Jack Hoffman reminds us all what makes sports special during Nebraska's Spring Game

A 7-year old scored a 69-yard touchdown in Nebraska's spring game yesterday. It reminds all of us why sports are simply amazing.

Eric Francis

It's not often that a spring football game will lead ESPN's SportsCenter. It's even more rare when something from that game becomes national news. Yet, yesterday's touchdown run by Jack Hoffman during Nebraska's spring game did exactly that.

You see, Hoffman is a 7-year old brain cancer patient. He was initially diagnosed in 2011 and has undergone two surgeries in the span of two years. He is currently on a two week break during a 60 week chemotherapy regimen. Hoffman became friends with Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead after his dad called Nebraska just hoping to get Jack a chance to have his picture taken with Burkhead, his favorite player on his favorite team.

"I didn't want to make it a one-time deal," Burkhead told The Daily Nebraskan. "I wanted to be with him throughout the journey."

Since that September 2011 meeting, Burkhead has remained a part of Jack's life, calling him before treatments and checking on him after.

Over time, the friendship between the two spread to the entire Nebraska football team. Which brings us to yesterday's spring game.

On the final play of the game, in came running back number 22. Except, it wasn't Burkhead. It was 7-year old Jack. Lining up to the left of quarterback Taylor Martinez. After the snap, the Nebraska Red team ran a sweep to the right, with Jack taking the ball from Martinez and following his blockers through the White team's defense. After a 69-year run, which made Jack the high rusher for the game, Jack was in the back of the endzone, putting six points on the board and being lifted onto his teammates' shoulders and the 60,000 Nebraska fans were going crazy.

And, is there anything more that need to be said? Check out SB Nation's Corn Nation's reaction to Jack's unforgettable moment - and you can check out the video below.

Jack Hoffman getting the call on the sideline:

Jack Hoffman 69-yard run for a tocuhdown: