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2013 Miami Dolphins Slogan Countdown

Yesterday, we asked for your best slogan for the 2013 Miami Dolphins. Today, we reveal our ten favorites.

Mike Ehrmann

The 2013 Miami Dolphins are all new. New logo, new players, new...well, maybe that's about it. But still, the feelings around the team are new. To continue with that idea, yesterday we asked you for your best 2013 Dolphins slogan submissions. Here are our top ten favorites from the day:

(Clicking on any of the embeds will open it into a larger image)

10. It could always be worse....


Keith immediately takes a shot at the Jets, and it's worthy of consideration for the slogan. However, Brian Cole points out the one flaw in the idea:


9. An "A" for effort...


Devin81 spent some time coming up with this one, and it nearly works.

8. But it works for the Yankees...


Too bad this isn't Major League Baseball.

7. We just need some tiger blood...


You just have to remember to add some gravel in your voice.

6. An Oscar winning year...


Could Ireland win Best Director in 2013?

5. The reason they wear white at home...


Oh, the other Heat in Miami. No harm in riding the coattails, right?

4. Stirring the ghosts of the past...


Maybe James McKinney described this one better than I could:


3. We've been here for years...


Next thing you know, someone's mother is going to be saying we should knock them out.

2. Apparently, the season doesn't end in December...


Who knew?

And, our number one 2013 Miami Dolphins slogan from our home office in Davie, Florida...



(Photo courtesy Chris Trotman - Getty Images)