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2013 Miami Dolphins Slogan Submissions

In a blatant act of stealing someone else's idea, I have no regrets of copying this idea from Arrowhead Pride. There are changes aplenty around the Miami Dolphins this year. So, what's your best slogan for the team? Let us know in the comments, and I will collect the best ones.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 Miami Dolphins will not look a whole lot like the 2012 edition of the team. From the logo to the defense and on to the offense, the Dolphins are all new. Which brings us to our question. What should be the 2013 Miami Dolphins slogan?

To be fair, I have stolen this idea blatantly from the SB Nation Kansas City Chiefs blog Arrowhead Pride. One of their readers put up the idea in a Fan Post, which then turned into a top ten list for the site. Having enjoyed that post, I figured it was time for its Dolphins version.

Submit your best slogan ideas in the comments below, and vote for the ones you like by pressing the rec button. Have some fun with it, and let us see your creative (and funny?) side. The top ideas will be consolidated into a subsequent post and, ultimately, Phinsider history.