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ESPN's Todd McShay Best and Questionable Picks for Dolphins

The 2013 NFL Draft is over, but reactions are still pouring in. Today, ESPN's Todd McShay released his selection of the best and most questionable picks for all 32 teams.

Al Messerschmidt

The NFL Draft features intrigue, excitement, and entertainment. Afterwards, it features analysis, grades, and second guessing. Today, ESPN's Todd McShay brok out his list of the best and most questionable picks for every team. Where did he look for the Miami Dolphins? Well, neither was first round pick Dion Jordan.

And, at least the Dolphins didn't give McShay ammunition like selecting quarterback E.J. Manuel with the 16th overall pick (Buffalo Bills - most questionable).

According to McShay, the Dolphins' best pick was fourth round selection, linebacker Jelani Jones. Of the pick, McShay wrote:

Jenkins fell to the fourth round because of injuries in 2012, and it would have been easy to write him off. He missed four games, dealt with a hamstring injury, and played two other games with a cast on his hand. But if you look at his 2011 tape, you see the best cover linebacker in this class. He has great speed, can change directions well, and is good at getting into his drops. Jenkins is also a smart player and a good presence in the locker room. His football IQ and maturity are assets.

Picking up a player like McShay describes in the fourth round is definitely a great pick.

As for the questionable pick, McShay looks at third round pick cornerback Will Davis.

Davis is a self-starter and I like his intensity. He's good when plays are in front of him, but he went a little high in the third round. Still, if he works hard Davis could end up being a solid pick.

If the most questionable pick the Dolphins have this year is someone who could "end up being a solid pick," I'll take that.

What do you think of McShay's observations?

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