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2013 NFL Draft Grades - The Daily Win

The 2013 NFL Draft is in the books, and it would be foolish to give out grades so soon. But that's exactly what we've done! 32 teams graded in three and a half minutes! If the grades aren't right, at least they're fast.

NFL Draft grades are something we all know mean nothing, but it's still something we all do, and we all read. It gives us something to cheer about, or something to scream about, when there really isn't anything football related to watch. So, today, we get to see how SB Nation's Matt Ufford grades the draft.

Well, how he sort of grades the draft. Some of his grades are a little suspect - like his "D" to Indianapolis simply because they are Indianapolis.

But, they sure are fun.

How does Ufford see the Miami Dolphins' draft? From what person in the NFL should you never answer a phone call? Ufford tells us this, and more, in his "grades."

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