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Coach, GM, or Owner: Which Miami Dolphins job do you want?

You have the chance to take over one position among the big three for the Miami Dolphins. Do you take over Stephen Ross' position as the owner? Maybe you want Jeff Ireland's general manager position. Or, perhaps, you want to be on the ground level like head coach Joe Philbin.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Congratulations! It's just been approved. You are officially the owner/general manager/head coach for the Miami Dolphins. But, you can only be one of those three. So, which one is it? Why?

I sat here thinking about that question for a little while as I got ready to write this, and really, there are good and bad things about being any of the three positions. It's really not an easy answer.

I think, in the end, I would want to be the owner. I know an owner can never win. Either his team is bad, he's charging too much for tickets, all he wants is to make money, or he's focusing on things that don't matter. But, being the owner gives you an option that being a coach or a general manager doesn't really give you - you can still be a fan.

As a coach, you are constantly working to make the players you have better. As a general manager, you are constantly looking for the next player to make the team better. As the owner, you hire the GM and the coach, make sure they are doing their jobs, and then enjoy your team. Since I know I will always want to watch the games on Sunday, I have to go with owner.

So, Stephen Ross, as soon as I can land a couple of billion dollars, you're going to get my offer.

Your turn. Which job do you want? Why?