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TiqIQ Ticket Preview: Dolphins Top Games

Looking to score tickets to a Miami Dolphins game this season? TiqIQ breaks down the top three and bottom three games in terms of ticket prices.


The 2013 NFL schedule is out and the draft is now a thing of the past, which means it's time for TiqIQ to breakdown and analyze Miami Dolphins tickets for the upcoming season.

Miami took a chance on raw Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill in 2012, and by all accounts, it appears it was a risk that paid off. Tannehill wasn't a superstar as a rookie, but his big arm and athleticism helped offer major promise for the Dolphins, while the addition of burner Mike Wallace and a full crop of playoff-ready free agents adds warranted optimism.

The Dolphins said good-bye to running back Reggie Bush in free agency, too, but otherwise mostly upgraded across the board. With an elite prospect in Dion Jordan, as well as several other interesting players in this year's draft, Miami appears poised to knock on the door of the AFC East crown.

First thing's first, though; let's take a look at their most expensive and cheapest games for the 2013 season:

Top Three Games

(12/15/) vs. New England Patriots | Avg: $225 | Get-in: $68

It's not quite the rivalry of the Jets/Patriots, but it's gaining some steam. Miami's defense can hang with just about anyone and their offense is starting to come around. But even if they can't steal a win here, this one is clearly still a big draw with Tom Brady and the Pats coming to town.

(12/29) vs. New York Jets | Avg: $199 | Get-in: $45

Another AFC East divisional game here, as the Jets come to town. They won't be bringing the Tim Tebow circus this time (released), but it's still Rex Ryan and possibly Geno Smith under center. These games are always tight end have extra meaning, so you know the ticket price is worth it.

(10/6) vs. Baltimore Ravens | Avg: $179 | Get-in: $38

The Super Bowl champs come to town on October sixth, and it will be extremely interesting to see if Miami is ready for them. These two teams actually matchup fairly well, and if Tannehill has progressed like we all believe he can, this one could be an upset in the making. Still, even if the Ravens take this one, $38 to get in is a steal.

Three Cheapest Games

(10/20) vs. Buffalo Bills | Avg: $143 | Get-in: $32

The Buffalo Bills come in as Miami's cheapest home divisional game of 2013 (for now). Kevin Kolb or E.J. Manuel will be visiting under center, while the electric C.J. Spiller always has a chance to put on a show for attending fans. Anytime you can get in for just $32 and see a divisional showdown, it's worth it, and with both Miami and Buffalo appearing to be on the rise, this one should be no different come October 20th.

(10/31) vs. Cincinnati Bengals | Avg: $152 | Get-in: $32

The Bengals have made the playoffs in two straight seasons, but this matchup isn't getting much love in the early going for some reason. It should, though, as A.J. Green brings some nice star power, while rookie running back Giovani Bernard makes the Bengals a worthier opponent than ever. Miami can matchup with them from a defensive standpoint, so this one could be interesting.

(11/24) vs. Carolina Panthers | Avg: $155 | Get-in: $32

I'm not sure how the Panthers' potent offense comes in as the lowest home ticket price for Miami, but you can bet that changes before these two teams meet in late November. Carolina's defense is going to be even better with stud defensive tackle additions in the draft, while even non-Miami and Carolina fans will come to see Cam Newton chuck long balls to Steve Smith. This is a potentially high-scoring affair, and fans are currently getting an incredible steal on average or with the get-in price.

Overall, the Miami Dolphins have reasonably priced games across the board, as even their more expensive games aren't crazy numbers and the average home game is just $172. With that said, Miami fans have some real hope for the playoffs in 2013, and depending on how quickly Ryan Tannehill develops, "and then some" could be a phrase muttered in south Florida in 2013.