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Tim Tebow released by Jets

In the obvious, and long awaited, roster transaction, the New York Jets have released quarterback Tim Tebow.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Tim Tebow era - if you can call it that - has come to an end with the New York Jets. According to Adam Schefter, and several other media sources, the New York Jets have released Tebow.

Tebow was a mistake by the Jets last year. New York clearly thought they would be able to team up Tebow with Tony Sparano and find some Wildcat magic. However, the Jets simply tried to pretend the former Denver Broncos and Florida Gators quarterback did not exist. Sparano refused to call the plays that Tebow could have successfully run, and he barely saw the field in any role other than a punt protector.

When the Jets finally pulled started Mark Sanchez last year, they skipped Tebow on the depth chart and started Greg McElroy instead. When McElroy was injured after one game, New York again skipped Tebow and returned to Sanchez.

According to Schefter, who appeared on ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike, there was a chance the Jets could have kept Tebow this year if the team had not drafted rookie Geno Smith in the second round of this year's draft. Tebow had been in the team facilities throughout the voluntary workout program, and was the first person in the building each day, and the last to leave. He had lost the 15 pounds of weight the team requested he add last year.

Head coach Rex Ryan was thought to include Tebow in his game planning for this year, adding an option package to the offense.

The Jets had held out hope that a team would offer something during the draft to get Tebow. When that did not happen, they released him this morning.

Unfortunately for Tebow, every team seems to be set with their quarterback plan right now. Tebow is a hard working player, trying to prove he can be a quarterback in the NFL, and doing all the right things for his team. However, the media circus that follows Tebow will scare some teams away.

ESPN is speculating that, if no team signs him this week, Tebow may have to go to the CFL if he wants to continue his career.

The move means that the Jets are down to five quarterbacks on their roster: Sanchez, Smith, McElroy, David Garrard, and Matt Simms.

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