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NFL Draft Grades from Mel Kiper

The 2013 NFL Draft is complete, and everyone is reacting to whatever their favorite team did. One of the first things that happens every year is the posting of draft grades. Did the Miami Dolphins get good value? Did they fill needs? ESPN's Mel Kiper has his grades out to let us know.

Al Bello

The NFL Draft was completed less than 18 hours ago. That's plenty of time to grade the draft picks for all 32 teams. ESPN's Mel Kiper, Jr. did exactly that today, giving a grade for value, a grade for needs, and an overall grade for each team. How did he view the Miami Dolphins' 2013 Draft? Let's see.

Miami Dolphins

Top needs: DE, OT, CB, WR, FB
Needs Gade: B
Value Grade: C

Overall grade: B-

Summary: The Dolphins didn't give up a ton when they moved from No. 12 to No. 3. They sent a second-rounder to Oakland, and they had an extra one to give. They took the player they really wanted, which was Dion Jordan. I certainly can't call it a reach because Jordan is one of the top five players on my Big Board. He's a gifted athlete that can help their pass rush. But I can't totally disagree with Jon Gruden, who was critical of the move during our broadcast. I'm not sure you cast him in a 4-3 DE role, because he could be a physical liability against the run. But I don't think Miami will. They'll use plenty of sub packages and use Jordan opposite Cameron Wake, and try to make life hard for opposing quarterbacks. Jamar Taylor at No. 54 is a pretty good value for a player that can probably start. Dallas Thomas at No. 77 is a player Miami might actually think can start at left tackle. If so, good value. But I think he's likely more of a versatile backup. If he starts as a rookie, the Dolphins could have a tough time in pass protection. I'm a fan of Jelani Jenkins, who can cover really well for a linebacker. Dion Sims can't separate very well, but he's good depth at tight end. Caleb Sturgis being drafted could mean Dan Carpenter is out. They could get three good players from those first three picks, but they did give up value for Jordan, so the onus is on them to make that pick become a success.

Round Pick Position Player College
(1) 3 DE Dion Jordan Oregon
(2) 54 CB Jamar Taylor Boise St.
(3) 77 G Dallas Thomas Tennessee
(3) 93 CB Will Davis Utah State
(4) 104 LB Jelani Jenkins Florida
(4) 106 TE Dion Sims Michigan St.
(5) 164 RB Mike Gillislee Florida
(5) 166 K Caleb Sturgis Florida
(7) 250 S Don Jones Arkansas State

A lot of people seem to have issues with the Dolphins' selection of Jordan, not seeing how he will fit with the Dolphins. They all say his ceiling is Jason Taylor, but don't see how the Dolphins can use him. It makes absolutely no sense. I understand that he is a bit of a tweener, not quite a linebacker nor a defensive end. Taylor seemed to make it work in aqua and orange. I think Jordan will be just fine.

My other comment is, I think Kiper is correct in what the drafting of Sturgis means. You do't select the number one kicker in the class, who has a monster of a leg and is incredibly accurate, in the fifth round just to provide competition. Miami's plan going forward is probably to give the job to Sturgis unless Carpenter comes through with a stunning training camp.

What do you think of Kiper's take on the Dolphins draft?