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Dolphins trade back into third round, pick CB Will Davis at 93

The Miami Dolphins, just after trading out of the third round, turned around and cam back into the end of the round. With the 93rd overall pick, Miami selected cornerback Will Davis from Utah State.


The Miami Dolphins continue to surprise. They had traded out of the third round, giving the 82nd overall pick to the New Orleans Saints in exchange for picks 106 and 109 in the fourth round. Eleven picks later, the Dolphins had moved up, using picks 109, 146, and 224 to move up to the Green Bay Packers' 93rd spot.

With the pick, Miami doubled up on cornerbacks, selecting Utah State's Will Davis. They selected Jamar Taylor from Boise State in the second round.

The Dolphins also selected defensive end Dion Jordan in the first round, moving up to the third overall pick, as well as offensive tackle Dallas Thomas in the third round.

Miami now holds picks 104 and 106 in the fourth round, 164 and 166 in the fifth round, and 250 in the seventh round.

The team should be looking to address wide receiver somewhere in the fourth round tomorrow. They could also look for a tight end and a running back. Other than that, the team will be drafting for depth primarily.