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Miami Dolphins simply take Jamar Taylor with 54th pick

The Miami Dolphins have selected Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor with the 54th pick of the 2013 NFL Draft. After all the fireworks yesterday, sitting back and waiting to take a player at a pick you already own seems very simple for the Dolphins.


There were not ant fireworks in the second round for the Miami Dolphins during the 2013 NFL Draft. The team did not suddenly throw a curve ball no one saw coming. Instead, Miami simply sat back and waited for the 54th overall pick to come to them, then selected Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor.

Described by's Daniel Jermiah as one of his "favorite players in the draft," Miami grabbed a great player to fill a need. Better yet, they used the pick they gained by trading Vontae Davis to the Indianapolis Colts to make this move.

Or, they traded cornerback Davis for cornerback Taylor.

The Dolphins also used the pick most often mentioned in the long rumored trade with the Kansas City Chiefs for tackle Branden Albert. The two teams could try to work out a deal for lower picks, but, as of now, it looks like general manager Jeff Ireland is not going to be the one to blink on this trade.

The Dolphins scored another great selection in this year's draft with the addition of Taylor to the secondary.

Miami still has a hole at tackle to address. They could also use a receiver, tight end, and a running back at some point during the five remaining rounds, during which the team has eight remaining picks.