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Dolphins Rumors: Trade still possible for Branden Albert

The Miami Dolphins were bold last night, moving up to the third overall pick to grab defensive end Dion Jordan. One team was happy to see Miami pass on a tackle, and that team had already picked - the Kansas City Chiefs. Without the tackle, the potential trade between the Dolphins and Chiefs for Brandon Albert could still be on the table.

The Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs renewed their talks on a possible trade between the two teams which would send left tackle Branden Albert to Miami. Last night, the Chiefs selected Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher with the first overall selection, meaning they either have to move Albert to another, or they will find themselves with a $9.8 million franchise tagged veteran or the first overall pick in the draft playing right tackle.

Meanwhile, Miami needs to upgrade their offensive line, either landing a left tackle to replace Jake Long, who departed for the St. Louis Rams in free agency this year, or a right tackle and move second year tackle Jonathan Martin across the line to the left side, the position he played in college.

The logic of the two sides discussing a deal is there. It's now a matter of working out the details.

Miami and Kansas City have been working this trade over the past few weeks. The Dolphins were thought to be offering their second, second round pick, number 54 overall, in exchange for Albert. Kansas City was reported to be asking for Miami's first, second round pick, number 42 overall. The Dolphins used the 42nd pick in a trade with the Oakland Raiders to move up to the third overall pick in the first round last night.

Asked about the potential trade last night, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland responded, "Right now, it's nowhere fellas. We're nowhere on that thing right now. That's what I can tell you."

Kansas City GM John Dorsey was also asked about the status of the deal a little later last night. "I did talk to Jeff (Ireland) a little but after, I would say about an hour‐and‐a‐half ago, we agreed to talk tomorrow and take it from there and see what happens," Dorsey said on Thursday night. "That's where it is."

The Chiefs want to get the deal done before Miami takes an offensive tackle at some point in the draft, or decide they want to sign free agent Eric Winston. Miami wants to get the deal done because it will give them a starting caliber left tackle, who is a known commodity rather than betting on a rookie.

The two sides will continue to work today on the deal, seeing if there is some common ground that can be reached. Would the Dolphins trade away what is now their only pick in the second round? Will the Chiefs drop their asking price?

Will someone blink in this stare down?

We may find out sometime today.