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2013 NFL Draft: What a Great Night for the Miami Dolphins

With their 12th and 42nd picks of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins moved up to select Dion Jordan. Lets take a closer look at what happened.

Al Bello

If one word would describe Miami's move for Dion Jordan, it would be this: bold. In January I wrote an article suggesting that it was imperative for Jeff Ireland to get bold in order to turn this franchise around. In a stunning move, the Dolphins swapped their two highest draft picks for Oakland's third. In any other draft, such a move would cost at least two first round picks. Not in this draft. Not for Jeff Ireland.

"He was a player that we coveted quite a bit," Ireland said. "We was very high on our board. We think he's an outstanding talent, has tremendous versatility. He's a great kid. We think the world of the player and what he's capable of doing."

According to Ireland, he first approached Oakland about a trade before the draft began. When it was time for the Raiders to select their player at three, Ireland made his first move. The offer was turned down. Then the Raiders called Ireland back, and requested the Dolphin's two highest draft picks to make the deal happen. Ireland gleefully accepted.

"I feel like everybody in the room was shocked," Ross said.

As for Dion Jordan, what did he think?

"I was really surprised," Jordan said late Thursday. "I wasn't expecting the trade to go down. I do feel like they made the right move."

And what did Stephen Ross make of the move?

"There's nothing better than when you get ... [the] guy who you really loved," Ross said. "It's a great day. The value of the kid, with as little as they had to [give up] for him ... is incredible."

Time to sit back and relax. We got our man.