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Dolphins Draft Pick Dion Jordan: An Insider Look

As we did for several draft prospects leading up to the NFL Draft, I turned last night to the managing editor of an SB Nation college blog for a look at a player, in this case, Addicted to Quack. This time, however, it was for the newest member of the Miami Dolphins, former Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan.

Al Bello

Leading up to the 2013 NFL Draft, several of the SB Nation college blogs shared an insider look at draft prospects from their school. As soon as the Miami Dolphins surprised everyone and selected Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan with the third overall pick, a spot they traded up to get, I turned to Addicted to Quack's David Piper to get his thoughts on the pick.

This is an interesting pick. We were all surprised that Jordan was being projected this high, as the production doesn't really justify it. There is definitely bust potential, but there is also a ceiling that is really, really high. The guy is freakishly athletic, and came to Oregon as a wideout. He has really only been playing defense for three years.

He's 6'7", 240, but can put another 15-20 pounds on his frame ok. He played a drop end at Oregon, which isn't just a pass rushing position. Part of the disguise of the Oregon defense is that he dropped into coverage a lot, and that is something that he'll be able to do in the NFL as well. So he's super fast, and can absolutely rush the passer, but he's not one dimensional. However, as I said, he just doesn't have tons and tons of experience, even though he was a two-year starter at UO.

I'm really curious to see his career progress. Could be a bust, but could be the next Jason Taylor. I probably wouldn't have taken him quite this high, but the potential justifies his first round status.

It's amazing how many people use that Jason Taylor comparison when talking about Jordan. If Jordan can get anywhere near what JT did for Miami, pairing him up with Cameron Wake will simply make the defense frightening. In a league where you can never have enough pass rushers, this move was awesome for Miami.

Add in an ability to have Jordan drop into coverage on tight ends - or even slot receivers as he made appearances at cornerback for the Ducks at times - is only a bonus.

A huge thank you to Piper for sharing his thoughts with us. Addicted to Quack is absolutely one of the best SB Nation sites, so make sure you check it out.

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