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2013 NFL Draft: Phinsider TV Live Thread Overflow 1

Phinsider TV will have all your draft analysis throughout the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

The first round of the NFL Draft is progressing, with the top 10 picks nearly complete. The Miami Dolphins made the boldest move of the draft so far, moving up from the 12th pick to the 3rd overall selection, sending the 42nd pick to the Oakland Raiders in order to swap first round selections.

With the 3rd overall pick, the Miami Dolphins selected Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan.

Miami now has nine picks remaining:

Round 2 - 54th (From Indianapolis Colts for Vontae Davis)
Round 3 - 77th
Round 3 - 82nd (From Chicago Bears for Brandon Marshall)
Round 4 - 111th
Round 5 - 146th
Round 5 - 166th (Compensatory)
Round 7 - 217th
Round 7 - 224th (From Dallas Cowboys for Ryan Cook)
Round 7 - 250th (Compensatory)

Miami still needs to add an offensive tackle, as well as some help at cornerback and wide receiver this year.

Join us here to discuss the continuing activity from the first round of the draft.