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Dolphins Trade to Third Overall Pick in NFL Draft, Select Dion Jordan

The Miami Dolphins made a bold move early in the NFL draft today, moving up from the 12th overall pick to the third pick. With the Oakland Raiders selection, they grabbed Dion Jordan.

Harry How

The Miami Dolphins have made a bold move in the 2013 NFL Draft first round, using their 12th and 42nd picks to move up to the Oakland Raiders' third overall pick. With that selection, the Dolphins grabbed Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan.

SB Nation's Addicted to Quack wrote of the pick:

Many Oregon fans were surprised to see that Jordan would go so early, as, while he was good, he wasn't exactly dominant at Oregon. But he has only been playing on the defensive side of the ball for a couple of years, having come to Oregon as a wideout, and has great size at 6'6", and freaky athleticism. There is much room for improvement considering his newness at the position, and this is no doubt a potential pick for Miami, with a possibility to bust, but a big-time possibility to boom into a dominant pass rusher.

Personally, I love this move. There is a chance to bust, but this is a GREAT bold move by the Dolphins. Getting to move up to the third pick and grab Dion Jordan for just, essentially, the 42nd pick, is amazing.

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