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Dolphins new uniforms on

The Miami Dolphins are set to unveil their new uniforms in about an hour. already has them on their website.

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The Miami Dolphins will hold an official unveiling of the new uniforms for 2013 in about an hour. The even will include Bob Griese, Dan Marino, and Jason Taylor wearing the jerseys from their respective eras, while Ryan Tannehill and Cameron Wake show off the new threads.

If you want to see them before the official event, check out right now, where Mike Wallace is modeling the all white look.

All I have to say is DAMN! That's a good look!

I know people have an issue with the logo, and some don't like the new uniforms, but that all white is amazing. The Dolphins really will look like Storm Troopers, and, as Keith Beebe said yesterday, the key word around Miami right now is "clean." That's what this uniform is.

And, for those of you worried about the tailbone "tramp stamp," there's a picture that shows where "Miami" is written on the belt line.

Make sure you scroll through all six pictures.

[Hat tip to MartinH04 and Cintronz.]

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