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Dolphins Draft Rumors: Davone Bess following Jake Long to St. Louis?

Yesterday, word leaked that the Miami Dolphins were actively shopping receiver Davone Bess. While the Cleveland Browns are considered the leaders in getting Bess, the St. Louis Rams could be jumping into the mix.

Alex Trautwig

Welcome to the 2013 NFL Draft. It's that time of year when rumors fly fast and furious, with no distinction between reality and smokescreen. One of those rumors, which began last night, is the Miami Dolphins actively trying to trade receiver Davone Bess.

Miami, according to multiple reports, has spoken with multiple teams, trying to ascertain interest in the Bess. As of last night, the leader in the hunt for the slot receiver was the Cleveland Browns, with a possible price of "mid-round picks."

Today, it appears the St. Louis Rams are also in the hunt for Bess. If the teams were to workout a deal, Bess would be headed to the same team that signed former Miami Pro Bowl left tackle Jake Long.

Bess has a $2.6 million salary cap number this year, which would make a huge dent in the $3.8 million they have remaining under the cap. But, the addition of Bess could replace Danny Amendola, who the Rams lost to the New England Patriots in free agency this year.

I don't think the Rams, who currently hold two first round picks tonight, are desperate enough to make a strong move for Bess, but he could make sense for their team. At the most, I could see the Rams offering a fifth round pick. That would fit the "mid-round" definition, but is probably higher than the Rams want to go, and ignores the "s" that is on "mid-round picks," according to the initial report.

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