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Uffsides: Oregon's top-5 prospect Dion Jordan on the NFL Draft

Top LB/DE prospect Dion Jordan talks to Matt Ufford about the looming NFL Draft, which teams he'd like to play for, his difficult past, and -- perhaps most importantly -- crunchy versus soft tacos.

Rumors and speculation are the order of the day today, as the NFL 2013 Draft closes on us. With the annual selection meeting's first round tomorrow night, every team is floating players they like, players they don't like, trade scenarios, and just about everything else you can imagine to try to wind up with the players they want.

One of those rumors that has started to pop up over the last 18 hours or so is the possibility of the Miami Dolphins moving up to the third overall position, making a move to get the Oakland Raiders' slot. While it is most likely only speculation being used as a smokescreen, the possibility is intriguing.

Assuming that the Kansas City Chiefs and the Jacksonville Jaguars both select offensive tackles, taking Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher off the board, who could the Dolphins be targeting in a move up that far?

Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan could fill that role.

Coincidentally, Matt Ufford from SB Nation sat down with Jordan yesterday up in New York. You can check out the interview above.