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2013 NFL Draft Needs: AFC South

Our look at the draft needs of all 32 NFL teams continues today with a look at the AFC South.

Mike Ehrmann

The 2013 NFL Draft is just three days away. To get us ready for the Draft, we are taking a look at the draft needs for all 32 teams in the league. Today, we take a look at the AFC South.

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Team Need 1 Need 2 Need 3
Houston Texans OT WR LB
Picks (9): 1.27, 2.57, 3.89, 3.95, 4.124, 5.160, 6.195, 6.201, 7.233
Houston is currently standing atop the AFC South as the dominant team. However, they need to upgrade their pass protection and add depth at linebacker. Early in the draft, the Texans will likely look to add a wide receiver opposite Andre Johnson.
Indianapolis Colts G CB RB
Picks (6): 1.24, 3.86, 4.121, 6.192, 7.230. 7.254
Clearly, the Colts have their franchise quarterback. Now, they have to find a way to protect their investment. The trade for Vontae Davis did nothing to help the Indianapolis secondary, so look for them to address the position early this year as well. The team can use a running back to take some of the pressure off their second year signal caller.
Jacksonville Jaguars DE OT CB
Picks (7): 1.2, 2.33, 3.64, 4.98, 5.135, 6.169, 7.208

The Jaguars are rebuilding, so anything could be on the board for any of their picks. They have to address the defensive and offensive line, a position of need for the team seemingly every year. Secondary help could be the third need, or we could look at quarterback, but I think the team will go forward with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne one more year before completely pulling the plug.

Tennessee Titans CB DE OT
Picks (9): 1.10, 2.40, 3.70, 3.97, 4.107, 5.142, 6.202, 7.216, 7.248
The Titans have needs at the top three positions in the draft. They could wind up with an elite player at any of those three positions, and be happy with that pick.