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Oh look. someone leaked pics of the Dolphins' new uniform

Tuesday was supposed to be the day the Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled their new uniform. Instead, the big story today was the leaked photos of the Miami Dolphins' new unis, which surfaced just minutes after the Jags' unveiled their new, garish get-ups.

After months of waiting, the Dolphins' new look is upon us.
After months of waiting, the Dolphins' new look is upon us.

Remember when Dolphins fans thought they'd have to wait until draft night to see their team's new logo and uniform?

Yeah, that's not really the case anymore.

Leaked photos of the Dolphins' home and away uniforms surfaced early Tuesday afternoon, and circulated quickly thanks to several retweets from local beat writers. Surprisingly, the new look has been well received by the Twittersphere, with comments ranging from "clean and professional" to "f'n legit!"

F'n legit, indeed.

The leaked photos were taken during the unveiling of the Jaguars' garish, gold-laden get-ups. The Minnesota Vikings' new uniform was also visible in several of the photos.

Twittersphere may approve of the Dolphins' new-yet-classic look, but what do you folks think of the rebrand? Will you buy one, or are you sticking to your "throwback" Ronnie Brown jersey? Personally, I think the new uniform looks fantastic, and I see a Lamar Miller jersey in my immediate future.