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Bucky Brooks' 'perfect draft' for the Miami Dolphins's Bucky Brooks on Monday afternoon published his "perfect" draft strategy for each of the NFL's 32 teams. Nice concept. To be fair, any draft strategy seems perfect when compared to the one ESPN's Mel Kiper posted last week.

Bucky Brooks considers Xavier Rhodes to be the ideal backup strategy for the Dolphins' No. 12 pick.
Bucky Brooks considers Xavier Rhodes to be the ideal backup strategy for the Dolphins' No. 12 pick.
USA TODAY Sports's Bucky Brooks is typically a real gunslinger when it comes to analyzing and prognosticating the NFL Draft. "Reach" clearly isn't in this man's vocabulary, and he often informs his mock drafts with a freewheeling, aggressive approach that teeters between logical and absurd. Brooks is rarely dead-on with his picks, but they're thought-provoking nonetheless.

Well, it looks like the daring, bold version of Bucky has left the building.

Brooks yesterday afternoon posted his latest 2013 draft analysis, but instead of rolling with his usual short-winded mock draft, Brooks published his "perfect" draft strategy for all 32 teams. Inexplicably, "riverboat gambler" Bucky is nowhere to be found in the article. Instead, he plays it waaaaaay too safe while attempting to explain what most of us already know:

He thinks we're considering a trade for Branden Albert or a move up the draft board to find a franchise left tackle.

"The loss of Jake Long in free agency made finding an offensive tackle a priority," Brooks wrote. "The Dolphins could do that by prying Branden Albert away from the Chiefs via trade or by moving up the board to land one of the top prospects at the position. Though it would undoubtedly mean losing valuable picks, working out a deal is worth considering for a team brimming with offensive potential on the perimeter."

Riveting stuff. But what about all of the mock drafts in which Brooks has given us Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes? Ah, glad you asked. Apparently Rhodes qualifies Mr. Brooks backup strategy.

"If the Dolphins stand pat at No. 12, the team could address their cornerback problem by picking Xavier Rhodes," Brooks wrote. "The big, athletic corner is a Sean Smith clone--except speedier and tougher."

Notice he didn't mention Rhodes being more "instinctive" or "technically refined" than Smith. Also, there's no faster way to turn this site off on a draft prospect than by saying he's Sean Smith reincarnate.

Either way, what happened to risk-taking Bucky Brooks? I figured he'd roll with a prospect like Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert or West Virginia receiver Tavon Austin at the No. 12 selection. Hell, North Carolina guard Jonathan Cooper is more interesting than Rhodes at this point!

What do you guys think? Is this a perfect draft strategy, or does Bucky Brooks just really, really hate the Miami Dolphins?

Regardless of your answer, you can check out the full Brooks article here.