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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 4/23/13

Check out the Miami Dolphins stories you may have missed over the past day, including no one knows how this draft will play out.



Dolphins' Mike Wallace already impressing Ryan Tannehill -
New Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace hasn't been Ryan Tannehill's teammate for long, but Wallace is already impressing his new quarterback, "I'm excited from what I've seen so far," Tannehill said.


Keller: I Can't Wait To Play Against The Jets
New TE joined WR Hartline and SVP Claudia Lezcano on conference call.


Dolphins willing to meet Branden Albert's demands -
The Miami Dolphins have their eye on Kansas City Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert. Despite a report to the contrary, the Dolphins are willing to meet Albert's demands, Ian Rapoport reports.

Branden Albert's demands holding up Dolphins trade? -
Trade talks between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins for Branden Albert remain ongoing, but is the left tackle holding up a deal because of his contract demands?

Miami Dolphins Talking Points: Branden Albert isn’t wrong for wanting ‘Jake Long money’ | The Daily Dolphin
A trio of Dolphins talking points to jumpstart your week:

Draft week: Will Ireland panic on Branden Albert? | Miami Dolphins In Depth
Jeff Ireland has generally not been one to panic throughout his tenure as the Dolphins general manager. Once he realized that Chad Henne was not the answer as Miami's franchise quarterback, he didn't panic and pick Ryan Mallett


Hyde5: Rating five popular mock drafts for Dolphins - South Florida
With the draft coming into view, let's go through Dolphins first-round pick of some of the mock drafts and assess what each player would mean

History Of The #12 Pick " The Finsiders – Miami Dolphins
On Thursday night, barring a trade, the Dolphins’ first selection in the 2013 Draft will come with the 12th overall pick. While Miami has twice before been slotted with the 12th overall selection (1992 and 2010), the team only once selected a player at #12.

Top 11 picks will likely force Dolphins' hand - South Florida
It is virtually impossible to predict what will happen in any NFL draft .

Miami Dolphins plan to attack draft with horizontal, need based approach - South Florida
Here is a look at the top five positions of need for the Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins draft week pop quiz - South Florida
We've spent four months preparing you for this week and now it is time to take the Sun-Sentinel's NFL draft pop quiz.


Dave George: Joe Thomas was Miami Dolphins’ cagiest personnel... |
The greatest Miami Dolphins draft ever was orchestrated by the cagiest personnel pro in franchise history, a man whose profound influence here predates Don Shula and whose decisions seeded the roster with talent enough to grow a Super Bowl dynasty.


NFL teams drawn to football factories that produce polished prospects - South Florida
Nick Saban's Alabama program and the SEC have become popular with NFL teams because of the conference's success


Inside The Making Of The NFL Schedule " The Finsiders – Miami Dolphins
The NFL schedule, on paper, doesn’t seem all that important to the league’s overall vitality. It’s something that could be taken care of easily with a random number generator. You take a quick glance — as long as it accounts for everyone, that should be fine. Right? Well, not exactly. Without the right mix – a big primetime game here, an intriguing divisional matchup there – the final product wouldn’t quite be the same.


Dilfer: Sparano "worst hire ever" as Jets offensive coordinator - The Phinsider
The Jets are reeling this year, trying to right the ship among multiple coach firings, player turnover, and Mark Sanchez' play level dropping. According to ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer, part of the problem was the "worst hire ever," Tony Sparano.

Keith Beebe's final Dolphins 2013 Big Board - The Phinsider
Have we finally reached the part of the year where few, if any, Phinsider members greet drafts and big boards with comments like, "It's too early for draft talk!"? I say yes. As a result, here's my final Dolphins Big Board of 2013 pre-draft season.

Miami Dolphins Trade Rumors: Branden Albert holding up trade - The Phinsider
The Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs have been in discussions that could send offensive tackle Branden Albert from the Chiefs to Miami. The hangup in completing the trade, however, seems to be Albert himself.

Miami Dolphins Trade Rumors: Branden Albert on Chargers Radar - The Phinsider
Miami Dolphins Trade Rumors: Branden Albert on Chargers Radar

2013 NFL Draft: Who is worth trading up to grab? Where do you go? - The Phinsider
You're the Miami Dolphins general manager, holding eleven draft picks at the start of the 2013 NFL Draft. You're making a deal to move up in the draft. Who is the other team involved, what's the cost, and who are you targeting?

2013 NFL Draft Needs: NFC South - The Phinsider
Our look at the draft needs of all 32 NFL teams continues today with a look at the NFC South.