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2013 Miami Dolphins Draft: Final First Round Predictions

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Are you excited? I am. The 2013 NFL Draft is this week! But whom will the Dolphins select in the first round? Lets have a sneak peak.


Thursday night cannot come sooner for me. I've booked off Friday from work, and I'll be ready to watch all seven rounds of the draft. In many ways, this draft is the most exciting for a while. Sure, the fact we selected a quarterback in the first round last year was a milestone. However, this year, I feel that anything can happen with the first fifteen picks of the draft. In my mind, there are two players that are elite. That's Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel. That is it. Ezekiel Ansah and Dion Jordan have potential, but they are far from elite prospects. And Jonathan Cooper? Okay, he is an elite guard prospect. But he's a guard. Enough said.

With this in mind, lets take a look at my final predictions. I'm basing my predictions on a trade up, staying at twelve, or trading down. In this draft ANYTHING can happen.

Trade Up

There are a band of ‘phinsiders' that want Jeff Ireland to trade up for a cornerback. That player is Dee Milliner. He's by far the best corner prospect in this year's draft. Despite this, I still have a problem with Miami trading up for him. While he may be a pretty good fit in our defense, is he an elite corner prospect? My gut feeling is no. Good player, not elite....not worth trading up for.

Instead, the only player I can see the Dolphins trading up for is Eric Fisher. I believe Luke Joeckel will be selected before Fisher. But after that, Fisher will be selected a close second. As I said above, he's an elite prospect. There aren't many of those in this draft. And it so happens that Miami need to improve their offensive line. But how much would it cost to move up and take Fisher? Rumours are abound that Fisher may be selected as high as second. Can you contemplate the Dolphins moving up that high to select a tackle? I can't. And for that reason, I don't see the Dolphins trading up in this draft.

Stay at Twelve

Despite what I said above, I wouldn't be mad if Ireland selected Jonathan Cooper. The reason is this: Cooper may be the best player available at twelve. Moreover, he will significantly improve our offensive line. That makes things much better for Ryan Tannehill, our wide receivers, and Lamar Miller. I'll go as far to suggest that Lamar Miller could quite possibly have a terrific season playing behind Cooper. Nevertheless, at the back of my mind, something is telling me we won't select a guard at twelve.

Instead, what about Tyler Eifert? I've been on the Eifert bandwagon for about three weeks now. While he doesn't play a so-called ‘core position', tight ends are increasingly important in today's NFL. Eifert has a huge catch radius, possesses underrated blocking skills, and is faster than advertised. Having both Eifert and Dustin Keller could be exciting to watch.

Trade Down

How many people want us to trade down? I bet there are a fair few that want to. I wouldn't mind doing it. The problem is, can we trade down? This draft has few elite prospects. That's a problem because not many teams will want to trade up in order to get a guy they feel will make a big difference on their team.

However, imagine for a moment that we were able to trade down. Who would you select? Two players stick out for me. The first is Desmond Trufant. The guy should not be picked at number twelve. This is mostly because he needs a fair amount of work on his technique. Nonetheless the positives for the player are that he's pretty good in man coverage, and isn't bad in zone either. Just not convinced he's completely the right player for us.

Other options include DJ Hayden. Hayden is a player that appears to be rising fast up draft boards. The guy has quick feet, plays the run well, and has a very good backpedal. That sticks out for me because players like Jonathan Banks and Xavier Rhodes appear far more stiff in their backpedal. Overall, Hayden could make a nice addition if we were able to trade back from our twelfth pick.

Concluding Thoughts

My guy in this draft is Tyler Eifert. I believe he is the player that can make the biggest impact on our team in 2013. Every year we don't draft a tight end, we regret it. I hope that trend stops this year. Maybe it's a reach to select Eifert at twelve, but I believe we will score more touchdowns and win more games with him in our team.

What do you think? Lets hear your thoughts.