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2013 NFL Draft: Who is worth trading up to grab? Where do you go?

You're the Miami Dolphins general manager, holding eleven draft picks at the start of the 2013 NFL Draft. You're making a deal to move up in the draft. Who is the other team involved, what's the cost, and who are you targeting?


You're Jeff Ireland. Okay, maybe not Jeff Ireland, because I am pretty sure the first and only move some of you would do is fire yourself. You're the Miami Dolphins's General Manager. You have 11 drafts picks as ammunition heading into the 2013 NFL Draft, and you are ready to deal.

There's one player who you know, you are not going to be able to grab with the 12th overall pick. You have to move up if you want to get him. So, you make the deal and go get your guy.

But, who is it? With whom did you trade? What did you have to pay?

Give us your trade scenario. Keep in mind, you have to realistically pay for the trade up, and you have to realistically be able to get the player at that position. Don't trade up to 10th and pick Luke Joeckel. He's not likely to be sitting there. And don't say you are jumping up to the Jaguars second overall pick and paying with the 12th and 77th pick.

Other than that, let us know what you would do in your trade up scenario. We will discuss a trade down scenario later.

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