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NFL Trade Rumors: Jets trade of Revis to Buccaneers near completion

In the one NFL offseason event longer than Jake Long's physical with the St. Louis Rams, the New Yorks Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers appear to finally be ready to make the deal sending Darrelle Revise to Tampa.

Jared Wickerham

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports this morning that the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have come to terms on the trade that will send All Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis from the AFC East to the NFC South.

What the Jets would receive in return was not yet known, as well as what kind of contract the Buccaneers and Revis have negotiated.

The Buccaneers and Revis are expected to meet today, which will include Revis' physical.

Ironically, the Miami Dolphins could still end up playing against Revis twice this year, depending on his health, even though he would be out of the division. Miami has the Buccaneers on both their preseason and regular season schedules this year. The two teams will meet in Week 10 on Monday Night Football.

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[UPDATE - 1pm ET]: ESPN is reporting the deal is for "multiple draft picks including the No. 13 overall."