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2013 NFL Draft Needs: AFC North

Our look at the draft needs of all 32 NFL teams continues today with a look at the AFC North.

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The 2013 NFL Draft is just four days away. To get us ready for the Draft, we are taking a look at the draft needs for all 32 teams in the league. Today, we take a look at the AFC North.

Team Need 1 Need 2 Need 3
Baltimore Ravens WR LB S
Picks (12): 1.32, 2.62, 3.94, 4.129, 4.130, 5.165, 5.168, 6.199, 6.200, 6.203, 7.238, 7.247
The defending Super Bowl champions had a rough offseason. They lost key players at wide receiver (Anquan Boldin), linebacker (Ray Lewis, Dannell Ellerbe, Paul Kruger), and safety (Ed Reed, Bernard Pollard). The team will likely look at those three positions early in the draft, even with the signing of former Oakland Raiders Rolando McClain and Michael Huff.
Cincinnati Bengals S RB LB
Picks (10): 1.21, 2.37, 2.53, 3.84, 4.118, 5.156, 6.190, 6.197, 7.240, 7.251
The Bengals need to address the safety position, something they have done in the past, but have never solidified. They have to find a running game, whcih could make them one of the teams that looks at Eddie Lacy or Montee Ball early this year.
Cleveland Browns CB OL DE
Picks (7): 1.6, 3.68. 4.104, 5.139, 5.164, 6.175, 7.227
It's a completely new regime in Cleveland this year, which means they really could be going in any direction in the draft, including a quarterback after using a first round pick on Brandon Weeden last year. However, they have to address the defense, both covering receivers and pressuring the quarterback, and they have to do a better job of protecting Weeden, or whomever is under center.
Pittsburgh Steelers WR LB RB
Picks (8): 1.17, 2.48, 3.79, 4.115, 5.150, 6.186, 6.206, 7.223
The Steelers need to address defense this year, and they need to get younger quickly. However, they also need to replace Mike Wallace, who is now in Miami, and they can use a running back at some point. How early the Steelers look at the offensive weapons likely will depend on who is still on the board for the defense.