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2013 NFL Draft: How can the Miami Dolphins be successful?

The 2013 NFL Draft is just days away now. With the Miami Dolphins holding 11 picks in the selection process, there are a lot of options for the team, but there are also a lot of positions that need attention. So, what can the Dolphins do to be successful in this draft?


The 2013 NFL Draft is just a few days away, and there are rumors flying all over the place. One of the most mentioned teams is the Miami Dolphins, who, with 11 draft picks this year, have the ammunition to move up, the position to move down, and the ability to trade away, or for, veteran players. With so many options on the table, what will it take for the draft to be considered a success for Miami?

What makes a draft successful to you? People have already declared last year's draft as "mediocre" or "average." Yet, most people say you cannot grade a class until three years after the draft. However, you will hear grade after grade come out next week for all 32 teams.

Do the Dolphins have to find a certain number of starters for the 2013 draft to be a success? Do they have to fill certain holes? Does Miami have to trade up in the first round? Down in the second? Out of the third? Into the sixth?

What makes this draft a success - even before the players ever take an NFL snap?