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Mocking the Draft sees Dolphins as active trade partners for Draft

The Miami Dolphins have eleven selections when the NFL Draft kicks off in a few weeks. Five of those picks come within the first 82 selections. With that much ammunition, Miami could be looking to move around during the draft. Dan Kadar takes a look at what they could do.

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Dan Kadar from SB Nation's Mocking the Draft took a look this morning at teams who could be moving during the first round of the NFL's Draft later this month. With eleven picks, five in the first 82, Kadar sees the Dolphins as a team that could be an active trade partner.

Miami and Cleveland as perfect trade partners

The key to any draft trade is to beat another team to a player. Miami and Cleveland just make sense. The Dolphins now need a left tackle and there are three good ones in the draft. By the time the Browns pick sixth, Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher should be gone. After Lane Johnson is gone, the quality at left tackle evaporates. If the Cardinals don't go up from seven for a quarterback, they may sit on getting Lane Johnson. But the Browns, without a second-round pick, may be willing to drop to Miami's spot at 12 to get extra picks.

In general, Miami has plenty of ammunition to move. The Dolphins have five of the first 82 picks in the draft. With those picks, and given how many players they added in free agency, the Dolphins could be active.

What do you think? Will the Dolphins be movers on draft day? Will they be moving up in the first round, or possibly moving back to add even more selections?

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