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Poll: Do the Miami Dolphins have a good or bad schedule?

The Miami Dolphins 2013 NFL schedule was released last night. Is it good or bad?

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Do the Miami Dolphins have a good schedule? Or a bad one? They have the seventh toughest schedule according to the strength of schedule rankings. They open the season visiting the Cleveland Browns, and have three of their first four games on the road. That's a rough way to start the season.

However, the Dolphins do get three nationally televised games in 2013, two Monday Night and one Thursday Night contest. In 2012, the team only played one Thursday Night game.

I'm not exactly happy with the bye week - Week 6 is early. Even just one week later would help, giving the Dolphins an extra week to prepare for the first showdown with the New England Patriots.

I'm still indifferent on how I feel about the schedule at this point. Which brings me to the poll question. How do you feel about the schedule? Is it good or bad?

Dolphins 2013 schedule:

Week 1 - @ Cleveland Browns

Week 2 - @ Indianapolis Colts

Week 3 - vs. Atlanta Falcons

Week 4 - @ New Orleans Saints

Week 5 - vs. Baltimore Ravens

Week 6 - Bye

Week 7 - vs. Buffalo Bills

Week 8 - at New England Patriots

Week 9 - vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Week 10 - at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 11 - vs. San Diego Chargers

Week 12 - vs. Carolina Panthers

Week 13 - @ New York Jets

Week 14 - at Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 15 - vs. New England Patriots

Week 16 - @ Buffalo Bills

Week 17 - vs. New York Jets

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