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Dolphins home game you want to attend

The 2013 NFL Schedule comes out later tonight. Before that, we want to know, which home game do you most want to attend this year?

Joel Auerbach

The NFL will release the 2013 schedule tonight, giving fans of all 32 teams a chance to predict their team's final record, discuss how the NFL did no favors for their favorite team, and how the bye week is too early or too late. It will also allow fans to start making travel plans, figuring out which games they want to see in person.

Which brings us to our poll question. If you could only attend one Miami Dolphins game in Sun Life Stadium this year, which game would it be?

Do you want to see an AFC East rival as the New England Patriots, New York Jets, or Buffalo Bills visit Miami? Or, do you want to see the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens? Maybe you want to see the Cincinnati Bengals, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, or San Diego Chargers.

Whatever is the top choice for your one game at Sun Life Stadium, vote in the poll below and let us know why in the comments.