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2013 NFL Draft Needs: AFC West

Yesterday, we started a look at the draft needs for all 32 NFL teams. After the NFC West yesterday, we continue with the AFC West today.


The 2013 NFL Draft is a week from today. To get us ready for the Draft, we are taking a look at the draft needs for all 32 teams in the league. Today, we take a look at the AFC West.

Team Need 1 Need 2 Need 3
Denver Broncos DE LB S
Picks (6): 1.28, 2.58, 3.90, 4.125, 5.161, 7.234
As long as the Broncos have Peyton Manning playing like Peyton Manning, they are going to be one of the AFC's top teams, and will probably win the division. It also means their offense is probably fairly well set, especially with the addition of Wes Welker this year. The team will focus on the defense, and could pick just about anywhere on that side of the ball and be right.
Kansas City Chiefs OT DE/DT WR
Picks (13): 1.1, 2.34, 2.61, 3.74, 3.93, 4.128, 4.131, 5.157, 6.173, 6.180, 7.237, 7.246, 7.252
The Chiefs will address their top need with the first pick of the draft, grabbing Luke Joeckel. The addition of Alex Smith this year gives Andy Reid the quarterback he needs, so now it's a matter of proecting him and getting after opposing quarterbacks.
Oakland Raiders DT CB OL
Picks (10): 2.56, 3.87, 4.123, 5.138, 5.158,6.194, 7.220, 7.231, 7.241, 7.242
Oakland traded for Matt Flynn this offseason, thus, at least on paper, filling their need at quarterback. They have to address their defense early in the draft this year, which was completely a mess last year. If they had not signed former Miami Dolphins linebacker Kevin Burnett in free agency, it really would have not mattered at what defensive position the Raiders picked. Instead, they can also look at improving their offensive line play.
San Diego Chargers OT G CB
Picks (8): 1.16, 1.22, 2.46, 3.778, 4.113, 5.149, 6.184, 7.222
Offensive line, offensive line, offensive line. That should just about be San Diego's plan this draft. If the team used five of their eight picks on the offensive line, that would probably still not be enough to make Philip Rivers happy. Broncos offensive coordinator turned Chargers head coach Mike McCoy would probably like to add weapons around Rivers, but after seeing Rivers sacked 49 times this past season, leading to his lowest passer rating, passing yards, yards per attempt, and touchdowns since 2007, McCoy is going to focus on rebuilding the offensive line this year.