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2013 NFL Draft Needs: NFC West

Over the next eight days, we will work our way through the NFL, looking at the top draft needs for all 32 teams. We start this morning with the NFC West.

Steve Dykes

The 2013 NFL Draft is just over a week away. To get us ready for the annual selection meeting, starting today, we will take a look at all 32 NFL teams and their top draft needs. First up is the NFC West:

Team Need 1 Need 2 Need 3
Arizona Cardinals OT S QB
Picks (7): 1.7, 2.38, 3.69, 4.103, 5.140, 6.174, 7.291
Adding Carson Palmer answers the quarterback need for this season, but it doesn't completely remove the position from the list of needs for the Cardinals. The team does need to address protecting Palmer if they are going to reap any benefits from the trade for him.
San Francisco 49ers S DT CB
Picks (13): 1.31, 2.34, 2.61, 3.74, 3.93, 4.128, 4.131, 5.157, 6.173, 6.180, 7.237, 7.246, 7.252
One of the downsides to winning your conference's champinship is the bad draft you will have in April thanks to the high pick in each round. That is unless you are the 49ers. They have 13 draft picks this year, and will be able to move around the draft board however they want. The 49ers have their offense figured out, but have to find answers all over the place on the defense.
Seattle Seahawks OT DT LB
Picks (10): 2.56, 3.87, 4.123, 5.138, 5.158,6.194, 7.220, 7.231, 7.241, 7.242
The Seahawks were one of the big winners in free agency this year, and they have to feel like they are on the verge of landing the Lombardi Trophy. Adding Percy Harvin and Cliff Avril took care of the main needs this year, meaning Seattle can focus almost solely on the offensive and defensive line during the draft.
St. Louis Rams WR S RB
Picks (8): 1.16, 1.22, 2.46, 3.778, 4.113, 5.149, 6.184, 7.222
St. Louis is going to be an impressive team during this draft, particularly since they have two first round picks thanks to last year's Robert Griffin III trade. The team needs to add some weapons on offense, both at wide receiver and at running back, and should look to shore up the secondary with a safety as well.