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2013 Miami Dolphins Draft: Jeff Ireland Pre-draft Approval Ratings

Jeff Ireland is a polarizing figure among Miami Dolphins fans. This has me wondering: what do Dolphins fans actually think about their General Manager?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Last year the "Fireland" campaign swept through Miami. Many Dolphins fans demanded that Stephen Ross fire Jeff Ireland after the team "failed" to land Matt Flynn and Peyton Manning.

Since then, Ireland has had a pretty solid draft in 2012. On reflection, it seems like Ryan Tannehill was worth the pick at number eight, despite many ‘experts' stating to the contrary. Moreover Jonathan Martin, Olivier Vernon and Lamar had promising first years in the Dolphins uniform.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins then had another losing season in 2012. Yet somehow the losing season felt different. We saw the future in Ryan Tannehill. How he actually completed the passes he did to our wide receiving corps last year still impresses me.

Then came free agency. What a free agency that was! In our wildest dreams did we really expect to land all the players that we did? It's so refreshing that Ireland and Joe Philbin have almost completely gutted the team and decided to start over. The guys that are now on the team are Philbin's guys. This is starting to feel like Joe Philbin's team.

So based on what has happened since the "Fireland" campaigns, how do you feel towards Jeff Ireland now? Do you still want him gone? Or are you starting to accept him as our General Manager?

So what is it Dolphins fans: "Fireland" or "Hireland"?