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2013 NFL Draft: Cornerback Rankings

Could the Miami Dolphins land one of the top cornerbacks in this year's NFL Draft? Here's my ranking of the top 10 corners.


Despite signing Brent Grimes this offseason, the Miami Dolphins can still use the 2013 NFL Draft to upgrade the cornerback position. Here's a look at the top ten cornerbacks in this year's draft (according to me):

1 Dee Milliner 6'1" 201 pounds
Alabama Scouting: Mocking the Draft
2 Desmond Trufant 6'0" 190 pounds
Washington Scouting: The Phinsider
3 Xavier Rhodes 6'2" 210 pounds
Florida State Scouting: Mocking the Draft
4 Jamar Taylor 5'11" 192 pounds
Boise State Scouting: One Bronco Nation Under God
5 Johnthan Banks 6'2" 185 pounds
Mississipi State Scouting: For Whom the Cowbell Tolls
6 David Amerson 6'1" 205 pounds
North Carolina St
7 D.J. Hayden 5'11" 191 pounds
8 Darius Slay 6'0" 192 pounds
Mississipi State Scouting: For Whom the Cowbell Tolls
9 Jordan Poyer 6'0" 191 pounds
Oregon State Scouting: Mocking the Draft
10 Blidi Wreh-Wilson 6'1" 186 pounds

Milliner at the top of the list should not be all that surprising. Everyone sees him as the top cornerback in this draft, and he's expected to be a top 5-10 pick this year.

Rhodes and Trufant are interchangeable at this point, as far as I am concerned. Both of them will be first round picks, and it really only depends on what your preferences are. Some scouting reports say Trufant is fluid and Rhodes is stiff in his drop back, while others say the exact opposite. I think it really depends on which tape you are watching, and which one of the two you want to see as the better one.

The other seven players are likely second round or early third round picks. Taylor, Banks, and Amerson should all land in the second round. Taylor has the potential to be something special at the NFL level, but will likely need time to develop to that level. Hayden, Slay, Poyer, and Wreh-Wilson being available later in the second or early in the third.

How late would you want to see the Dolphins target the cornerback position? If they don't address it in the first round, is there someone else you want to see them grab?