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McShay unleashes 2013 NFL mock draft 5.0 on the masses

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You know you're within striking distance of the NFL Draft when Scouts Inc.'s Todd McShay and ESPN's Mel Kiper are publishing mocks virtually every Wednesday or Thursday. This week was no different, as McShay unleashed the fifth edition of his 2013 NFL mock draft.

Todd McShay hates how much he loves Xavier Rhodes.
Todd McShay hates how much he loves Xavier Rhodes.

Gee, is it easy to tell we're just two weeks away from the NFL Draft?

One week after Mel Kiper put out the fourth edition of his 2013 NFL mock draft, Todd McShay yesterday followed suit with the fifth installment of his 2013 first-round projection. And this week's mock was a special one: the multiple scenario mock draft.

Simply put, McShay accompanies each of the 32 first-round selections with two additional scenarios that could come into play as a result of a trade or altered sense of need. For instance, Big Head Todd has the Chiefs using the No. 1 overall pick on Texas A&M Luke Joeckel. No surprise there--we've seen him in the top slot for several months now. However, McShay includes the following scenarios:

  • Kansas City eschews Joeckel in favor of Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher (the better player of the two, in my opinion)
  • Kansas City trades down and either gets a comparable talent in Oklahoma tackle Lane Johnson, or a scheme-diverse defensive tackle like Utah's Star Lotulelei

Makes sense, yes? Excellent. Here are McShay's options for the Miami Dolphins at No. 12:

Xavier Rhodes*
Miami Dolphins (7-9)
COLLEGE: Florida State
AGE: 22
HT: 6-1½
WT: 210

Scenario 1: "With the loss of OT Jake Long, the Dolphins would surely like to package picks and trade up to get ahead of Arizona and lock down their left tackle spot," McShay wrote.
Scenario 2: "Should Warmack or Cooper fall here due to positional-value concerns, they would offer good value and help solidify the offensive front."
Scenario 3: "If Miami opts to stay home, Rhodes' length and top-end speed would make him a fit in the Dolphins' press-man coverage schemes."
Stats and Info: "With Long on the field in the past five seasons, the Dolphins allowed a sack every 16.2 drop backs, compared to every 9.6 drop backs with him off field."

(Insider subscribers can check out the full version of McShay's mock draft 5.0 here.)

Count me as a fan of the third option. And I absolutely love McShay's begrudging acceptance of Rhodes as a first-round pick. Scouts, Inc. pretty much hates Rhodes, and had him rated as a third-round prospect throughout last season. Not sure what Rhodes did to upset the McShay crew, but they just plain dislike him.

Here's the kicker, though: Rhodes is the No. 12 pick in this mock draft, yet he hasn't come remotely close to sniffing Scouts' top 32 board this spring. When was the last a non-top 32 lister went within the top 12 picks of the NFL Draft? Tyson Alualu? Please tell me it's not Ted Ginn Jr.

As for McShay's alternative scenarios, I think I'll pass. No. 12 (or higher) is far too high for a tackle when Miami might already have its guy on the left side, and the Dolphins can find plenty of primo guard talent on day three of this year's draft. Take the corner, Dolphins. Take the corner.

What do you guys think? Xavier Rhodes at No. 12? How about a trade into the top 10?