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Dolphins trade up or back? You decide

The Miami Dolphins have options when it comes to the 2013 NFL Draft. But, what should the do? You get to play general manager today and decide what's the best option.


The Miami Dolphins have 11 draft picks in the 2013 NFL Draft later this month. While the team still has needs, they also have a lot of flexibility when it comes to their first round selection. What should the team do with the twelfth overall pick? You decide.

Should the Dolphins look to trade up into the top few picks, looking to grab an elite player? There are plenty of teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cleveland Browns, who could be looking to move back a few picks and grab a couple of extra selections. The Dolphins could find a way to move up using their 12th pick, as well as one of their two second round choices.

Maybe the team should, instead, look to drop back in the first round, adding more picks. The Dolphins do have holes, including along the offensive and defensive lines and the secondary; additional picks in the draft could be helpful. Plus, the Dolphins could be looking to target someone in the first round who will be available with a later pick. It could be the right move for Miami.

Or, perhaps, Miami should simply stay put and take whomever falls out of the top 11 selections. The team could easily come away with a highly touted prospect who simply plays the wrong position to land with the first teams picking.

What do you think the right answer is? Vote in the poll below, and discuss in the comments.