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New Author Announcement

The Phinsider announces a new contributing author for the site today.

Barry Cronin

I am pleased to announce a new contributing author is joining the site today. Please welcome Sean Donovan to the front page authors group.

Sean has spent the last year writing for the site AFC East Daily, primarily providing them with Miami Dolphins content. Today, he will begin to bring us the same quality analysis and writing as he becomes a member of the Phinsider community.

I'm really excited about adding Donovan, who is our first writer to join the site from outside our community. While it's typically my policy that we promote our writers from within, essentially building through the draft, the fact that we had a chance to add a quality free agent by adding Sean was an opportunity I could not miss.

Please join me in welcoming Sean to the team. I can't wait to see the content he will add, and I know he will be a great addition to The Phinsider community.