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Interest and Money for Reggie Bush is "Significant"

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The Miami Dolphins appear ready to make second year running back Lamar Miller their starter, letting Reggie Bush leave after two years with the team. According to reports today, Bush won't be out of work for long.

Mike Ehrmann

The Miami Dolphins are prepared to have running back Lamar Miller move into the starting lineup in 2013, his second in the league, despite the team repeatedly saying they would like to have 2012 starter Reggie Bush back this year. The team clearly has a dollar amount in mind for Bush, and general manager Jeff Ireland is not budging from that figure. According to the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero, Bush will not have a problem getting a higher salary from another team next year.

According to Salguero's source, Bush "categorically will not be back in Miami." The source tells Salguero that at least three teams have reached out to Joel Segal, Bush's agent, to discuss contract terms. The money, according to the report, is "significant," although Salguero could not get specifics on which teams or how much they are offering.

Currently, the NFL is in its first free agency negotiation period, a three day time in which teams can negotiate with soon-to-be free agents' representatives. Any other time, reaching out to a player or agent of a player who is under contract with another team is deemed "tampering" and can lead to league sanctions, including the loss of draft picks. However, during the 72 hours from midnight Friday night to midnight Monday night, teams are free to discuss contracts with a player's agent, so long as the team does not talk to the player directly, and no deal can be reached between the two sides.

Bush ran for 2072 yards in his two seasons with the Dolphins, just 18 yards shy of matching his five year total with the Saints. Bush ran for 12 touchdowns with the Dolphins. He also caught 78 passes for 588 yards and three touchdowns while in Miami.