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NFL Legal Tampering Period Opens; Teams Can Negotiate with Agents

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The NFL officially opened the first "legal tampering" period in history - a time when players who are technically under contract with a team can have their agent talk with other teams. Of course, it's only the players who will be available in free agency on Tuesday, and no contracts can be signed until then, but tonight officially serves as the soft-opening for free agency.

Jeff Zelevansky

For the first time, the NFL free agency period has a "soft opening." Essentially, the league has authorized legal tampering among teams with soon to be free agents. However, the teams can only talk to a player's "certified" representative - not the player themselves. This means no workouts, face-to-face meetings, or physicals. Also, contracts can be discussed and negotiated, but they cannot be signed.

The grand opening for free agency is at 4pm on Tuesday, March 12. At that time, contracts expire with current teams, meaning the players are officially free agents and can sign with any team.

For the next few days, rumors and speculation is going to be the rule. GMs and Coaches will call agents. Agents will relay contacts to their players. Some things will leak. No one will really know who is discussing what with whom. But we will all continue live and die with every report and tweet.

And, it's going to be a lot of fun.

Enjoy the ride, and use this as a live thread to share any reports you may hear.