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Miami Dolphins New Logo Partially Leaked?

Last night, the Miami Dolphins signed wide receiver Brian Hartline to a new contract. His girlfriend, Kara Conrad, tweeted out a picture of him signing the new deal. But wait. What's that on the table? That sure doesn't look like the current Dolphins logo.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Big news came out of Miami last night as Brian Hartline inked a new 5-year, $30.8 million contract with the Miami Dolphins. The deal keeps the team's leading receiver from hitting the free agent market this year, while also allowing them to chase a number one receiver when free agency opens.

But, it may be something else that's the bigger story from the signing. Did the Dolphins new logo just leak? It sure looks like it.

Kara Conrad, Hartline's girlfriend, tweeted out the above picture of Hartline signing his deal last night. Look at the table. That doesn't look like the current Dolphins logo etched into the glass. This logo has the dolphins going behind the sun burst. It's also not as curved as the current logo, with sharper lines. Of course, it's not a picture of the full logo, but, given this was taken at the Dolphins' facility, it does look like the logo has, at least partially, leaked.

What do you think? Are we reading to much into this?