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Dolphins Free Agency 2013: A Look at Miami's Potential Targets

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The Dolphins are expected to make a lot of noise once free agency opens next week. But which positions should MIami look to fortify and who specifically should they target? Kevin Nogle of The Phinsider breaks down what he the thinks the team's free agency strategy should be.

The NFL calendar is approaching one of the busiest times of the year - free agency. This year, the league is introducing a new "legal tampering" period in the calendar, a 72-hour period where teams can enter into negotiations with the certified representatives of potential free agents, starting at midnight Friday night into Saturday morning. During this time, contracts cannot be signed, and direct communication between a player and a team is not allowed. But, it does add a new twist in free agency.

That period opens later tonight. Earlier this week, the Dolphins placed the franchise tag on defensive tackle Randy Starks. How does that move change what the Dolphins could be doing during this negotiating period and in free agency as a whole? Check out the video for my thoughts.

And, make sure you check out the Phinsider's YouTube Channel and SB Nation YouTube.